He may be rotting, he may be stinky as hell, shoot, he may even be dead, but this ladies-man really knows how to tug on those heart-strings (not to mention your libido, girls)!
The soft-spoken, knob-twistin', hard-lovin', guru of the airwaves, this boy knows how to administer a four-corse meal, a swedish rubdown, and a first-class freaking before his BEST OF MARVIN GAYE collection ends!
The Sultan of Swank, the Facillitator of Funk, the Poobah of Phat, he's a cool cutomer with a cooler pad who will lay you out and work your body before you know...what up!
The coolest cat on the block, with a heart of gold and a love technique from the East, he'll wax ya for a shine you never thought you could have!
The sassiest, brassiest six year old on the improv comedy tip, this tiny love-muffin is sure to make the girls all weak in the knees - 'cause that's all he can reach...for now!